Magic is a 4 year old black girl who just loves people.  She is a very quiet girl and would suit people who work who are experienced dog people.  She would LOVE to be an only dog or may suit a male dog of similar size.



Beauitful boy Carlo is 5 years old looking for a foster family.




Kit is a 4 year old black boy looking for a foster family.



Miss Daisy is a girl looking for her foster family.

Foster Care Information

Why foster?

  • Fostering gives a greyhound a second chance to live out their natural lives as pets after their athletic career is finished. 
  • Fostering is a great alternative if you can't adopt.
  • Not only does the greyhound benefit from your decision of becoming a foster carer, you will benefit from the companionship and satisfaction of seeing these beautiful dogs blossom.
  • Fostering gives you the chance to decide if a greyhound is the right
    breed for your family.
  • Fostering is an extremely rewarding experience.

What's involved/required?

  • Foster carers play a vital part of our rehoming process by providing a temporary home while the greyhound transitions from a race dog to a family pet.  
  • Exposing your greyhound to to living in a house, walking and socialising.
  • Teaching your greyhound how to live and learn about life as a pet, and preparing them to find a permanent home. 
  • Helping with transporting dogs to events or vet appointments.
  • Secure fencing, 5 foot minimum with  shelter from the elements.
  • Love, patience and kindness.

What we provide

  • Collar, id tag.
  • Lead and muzzle.
  • Food and water bowl.
  • Bed.
  • Crate (if needed).
  • Coat (in winter).
  • Monthly Flea/tick/worming treatments.
  • All dry food.
  • Treats, toys and other items (depending on donations)
  • Veterinary care if your foster becomes ill.
  • Behaviour training with a professional dog trainer if required.
  • Ongoing support and advice.

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