Bob is a 4 year old brindle boy requiring foster care. 

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Adorable and playful Harry is is a 5 year old black male requiring foster care.  

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Donnie is a 4 year old black boy who loves people and is a very loyal boy.  He gets along well with a border collie.    



Bert & Ernie


If you've ever wanted to adopt or foster a greyhound and for all those single greyhound owners that wish they had that second hound.
We have the best of both worlds! Let's face it, we all end up with two hounds in the end 😊
I'd like to introduce the amazing brothers, Bert and Ernie 😍 just like Sesame Street they have an inseparable bond. They come as a loving and sweet duo, these boys are 3.5 years young and are ok around smaller dogs above 10kgs.

If you or someone you know are looking to get into the world of becoming a greyhound owner as a family member this is your chance.


Foster Care Information

Why foster?

  • Fostering gives a greyhound a second chance to live out their natural lives as pets after their athletic career is finished. 
  • Fostering is a great alternative if you can't adopt.
  • Not only does the greyhound benefit from your decision of becoming a foster carer, you will benefit from the companionship and satisfaction of seeing these beautiful dogs blossom.
  • Fostering gives you the chance to decide if a greyhound is the right
    breed for your family.
  • Fostering is an extremely rewarding experience.

What's involved/required?

  • Foster carers play a vital part of our rehoming process by providing a temporary home while the greyhound transitions from a race dog to a family pet.  
  • Exposing your greyhound to to living in a house, walking and socialising.
  • Teaching your greyhound how to live and learn about life as a pet, and preparing them to find a permanent home. 
  • Helping with transporting dogs to events or vet appointments.
  • Secure fencing, 5 foot minimum with  shelter from the elements.
  • Love, patience and kindness.

What we provide

  • Collar, id tag.
  • Lead and muzzle.
  • Food and water bowl.
  • Bed.
  • Crate (if needed).
  • Coat (in winter).
  • Monthly Flea/tick/worming treatments.
  • All dry food.
  • Treats, toys and other items (depending on donations)
  • Veterinary care if your foster becomes ill.
  • Ongoing support and advice.

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